Integral Management

The book chronicles two decades of daring experiments and ceaseless learning, together with a number of courageous and visionary leaders, leading to a new management model.

Integral Management is written in the down-to-earth language of real life, hard-nosed managers and their co-workers. It tells the story of how they—assisted by a couple of business consultants—grapple with the challenge of evolving a more competitive way of running a business. The book describes how two decades of daring experiments and continuous learning has led to a ground breaking new management model.

Integral Management teaches the art and science of asking everyone for help in dealing with major strategic challenges. It provides a straightforward managerial practice that makes what may seem impossible to most companies, eminently doable. Integral Management is a hands-on and thoroughly tested way of managing large-scale change in companies.

The book takes you on an exciting journey of discovery and recognition—it leads through the tangled terrain of cultural realities and pitfalls that make running a company such a formidable challenge. It makes these realities come alive for you, the reader, by letting you listen in on many real-life-dialogues between management and their co-workers.

The book teaches through plenty of examples, representing a vast range of companies, across many different business sectors, from countries and cultures as diverse as Sweden, the U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Mexico.

Integral Management is designed to “turn on the lights” by unearthing a set of simple and obvious procedures that—when combined and made a consistent part of your management practice—will bring your company’s performance to a whole new level. It provides a roadmap for any manager who sets out to create a well-integrated, resilient and highly competitive company.

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