The Salamander Club

One Swedish winter morning, a normally placid engineer gives his boss a well-deserved slap in the face. The question, “What’s wrong with this idiot?” pitches Nilson and an eclectic group of friends on a quest into the human psyche.

We get to follow Nilson and his friends to the Pizzeria Salamander where they dig deeper and deeper into the human psyche. During long discussions over Pizza and beer they start to uncover something inside humans, something threatening the survival of our species.

The game gets serious when this issue becomes more and more personal, as they put themselves under the microscope. We follow the Salamanders to work, on business trips and at home, how they struggle to raise their kids and try to make their marriages work.

Can the insights they gain in their discussions teach us something important about management and leadership? Can it be that we must all learn to spot dangerous, destructive people before we find them in powerful positions?

The book is available via Amazon and iBooks.