Our passion is to watch strategies make a difference! Too many times we have seen strategies come and go, resulting in no real change in the company. It is our passion to change that situation. We do it by offering the management model of the future.

The management model of the future builds an integrated company, where everyone understands, and takes responsibility for, their own and shared work. An organisation well prepared to achieve great results in a highly complex and fast moving world. Our way of working makes this happen.

We help to create an infrastructure for communication, driving a strategy and horizontal collaboration at the same time. An integrated way of working, making sure that everyone – managers, co-workers, suppliers and owners – is working together towards the same goal.

One of our most important tools is Strategic Dialogue. By putting into focus everyone’s ambition to work towards the same goal, as well as dealing with a potential increase in conflicts, we create a platform for honest communication and horizontal collaboration.

We usually stay with an organisation for 12 to 18 months, supporting the start up process with training and coaching. This formula has always yielded progress that is robust and sustainable.

We train managers and co-workers on all levels, to secure good strategy work. Managers are trained in Integral Leadership, which secures their ability to handle the differences between people and their ability to work together for the benefit of the company. Managers are also trained in coaching each other to secure continuous development in leadership as well as further learning and collaboration across departmental boundaries. All co-workers are trained to detect their own best contributions to the strategy, how to solve problems across boundaries along the workflow and how to work in teams – all preconditions for modern co-workership.

We train key people to take on roles as ambassadors for change and internal trainers. They make sure the co-workers have the right tools and attitude to embark on the journey forward together. In this way, we ensure that the strategy becomes a concern for everybody, not only the few in the management team.

Our management model takes the organisation from competent specialists to integrators, from aiming at predictability to aiming at readiness, from traditional top-down to a dynamic leadership. All of it, to prepare your organisation for the future.