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We are constantly looking for people who share our view of the world. Have you also realized that something important is missing in the way most companies are led? Do you have your own vision and a driving force that aligns with ours? If so, contact us for a meeting.


Kurt Arfs

+46 70 6884538

Kurt holds a degree in Business Administration and Economics and has a long background in various management positions in Volvo and other companies. He started his work with strategic operational development at Volvo Aero Space Division in the mid 90’s. Together with Per-Anders Hedegren he was one of the key players when Volvo Group initiated the Strategy of Change process. Since he left Volvo in 1998, Kurt has introduced Integral Management to a wide spectrum of quite different businesses such as SEB, Trygg Hansa, Ericsson, Barilla and Nobina. Kurt joined Integ Partner in 2011.

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Tomas Ek

+46 70 3493232

Tomas holds a degree in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Uppsala. He has a long background as CFO, HR manager and COO in ABB, Car-O-Liner, Akzo Nobel and, most recently, in Permobil. For 20 years Tomas has been deeply involved in formulating strategies and strategy realisation. In this process he has identified many of the pitfalls and difficulties that show up as soon as the strategy leaves the ”drawing board”. Tomas joined Integ Partner in 2014 and has, in that capacity, worked with Permobil, Mycronic, Seco Tools and ABB Service.

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Anders Ericsson

+46 70 2460620

Anders has 20 years of executive experience from operational business positions within R&D, Product Management, Organizational Development, Strategy and Innovation. Between 2005 and 2010 he led the largest corporate R&D program within ABB bringing a new portfolio management culture into the organization. In 2012, Anders co-developed the organizational development transformation program at Seco Tools together with Integ Partner using Integral Management. Remaining in a central position he led that effort between 2016 and 2019. Anders was first exposed to Action Learning towards the end of the 1990’s from that point onwards, he has remained passionately interested in leadership and leadership development focusing on team leadership development. This interest in leadership combined with a knack for holistic and system thinking has naturally led to a proficiency in organizational development. Anders holds a PhD in Material Science from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne and a MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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Mats Eriksson

+46 73 3374848

Mats, a psychologist from Uppsala University, has spent the past 35 years designing and implementing a large number of comprehensive processes for strategic and cultural development. His experience spans a wide spectrum of companies, in Sweden and internationally. As the other of the two original creators of our management model, he developed the principles and methods of Integral Management in close collaboration with client companies. Mats co-authored the books “Manöverbarhet” and “Integral Management” together with Lasse Ramquist and “The Salamander Club” together with Karin Eriksson. Mats is also a founder of Integ Partner.

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Håkan Färnlöf

+46 70 6251851

Håkan is an Electro Technical Engineer, with more than 20 years in various management positions inside ABB. For the last 15 years Håkan has worked as an internal consultant and trainer. First at ABB Power Products and then in Volvo Logistics and Munters. In those companies, as well as in his role as Management Consultant in Integ Partner, Håkan has initiated, maintained and re-vitalised Integral Management via the use of our Strategy Engine in many different countries and cultures across the world, including China, India, USA and Sweden. Today Håkan is Senior Partner and Managing Director at Integ Partner.

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Per-Anders Hedegren

+46 70 6884539

Per-Anders is a Licensed Psychologist from the University of Uppsala. He was the co-ordinator of a major strategic and cultural change process, launched at Volvo Aero in 1986, and from 1995 he played a similar role in the Strategy of Change project for the whole Volvo Group. This was Volvo’s main vehicle for strategic change and cultural evolution. Per-Anders left Volvo in 1998 to work as a Management Consultant helping companies with strategic operational development and leadership training. He joined Integ Partner in 2011.

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Anna Jonasson

+46 70 1871024

With clear structure and a genuine interest in people, Anna has long used change management to achieve results. Anna has more than 15 years of experience from different management roles from various service companies, most recently from public transport and the Nordic group Nobina with 12,000 employees. There, Anna had the role of operations manager for 5 years with 3,000 employees at various management levels. Anna completed her last years at Nobina as HR director. Anna has pursued improvement work with IntegPartner's operational development process as a basis for reaching out with management's strategies and creating a high degree of employee involvement in order to achieve the company's goals. Anna herself has worked as a coach and driven development in a practical sense and trained new internal coaches in the organization. Today, Anna runs the consulting company Santura. She has been part of IntegPartner since 2021.

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Annika Kolmert

+46 701 871057

With a background in public transport, Annika has driven development processes in service organizations for more than 20 years. Through coordination of common working methods, Annika established a culture of responsibility and development in the Swedish listed company Nobina. It was also where she introduced the improvement work for all 12,000 bus drivers based on IntegPartner's Operational Development Model. Annika has with courage and enthusiasm established improvement programs, run training of head coaches and coaches for 10 years. She has a master's degree in economics from Stockholm University and has also worked as an economist in small and large companies. Since 2019 Annika is owner of Santura and she joined IntegPartner during 2021.

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Anna Lindström

+46 723 812026

Anna is a trained coach (ICF) and has many years of experience in organizational development, leadership, and improvement work. During her 15 years at Volvo Buses, Anna held roles as project manager, quality manager, process developer for one of Volvo Buses' main processes and strategic business developer. Anna was also responsible for the organizational development for global product development and supply chain as well as supported top management in their strategy work. Within Anna's responsibility was also to support leaders within Volvo AB who were about to take the next development step as a leaders. In her role as a business developer at IUC Sjuhärad AB, Anna has helped small and medium-sized companies with their strategic work, to go from words to action and involve everyone in the company in that work. She has also helped many companies in the work with strategic competence supply. Anna is passionate about leadership, the development of individuals and organizations. This interest combined with a talent for holistic and system thinking has led to high competence in organizational development area. Anna has been part of Integ Partner since 2021.

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Anna Lundquist

+41 79 540 9892

Anna has a Master of Science in Materials Engineering from the University of Uppsala. In her role as Internal Trainer at ABB she has initiated and co-ordinatated the start up of several local Strategy Engines within ABB. She has also held a series of different management positions in ABB, among them assignments to develop multiple source strategies for purchasing and a large scale move of operations and technology from a Swiss factory to Vietnam. Those major change projects gave her a unique opportunity to apply her passion for and deep mastery of Integral Management. Anna joined Integ Partner in 2016.

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Veronika Luxemburg

+46 70 9240232

For more than 20 years Veronika have developed and shared her multi-faceted competencies, tools, and methods in her roles as business leader, manager, advisor, educator and consultant. Her experience spans over a very broad field of different industries, companies, and the public sector both in Sweden and internationally. She has a degree in Business Administration and she is a global leading specialist in Customer Experience Management, ICF coach and Lean6Sigma certified. Veronika was previously a part of ABB as Global Customer Excellence Manager where she created and lead a global customer-centric transformation program ‘Customer Quality Experience’ in +50 countries, +6500 employees. Veronika is passionate about people and business development and have extensive experience in how to lead change - including customer, leadership and team development.

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Lasse Ramquist

+46 70 6201642

As one of the two original creators of our management model, Lasse has had the privilege of working with a vast range of companies, across many different business sectors, for the past 35 years. Client companies with operations in countries as diverse as Sweden, Norway, USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Italy, South Africa, China, Mexico and Brazil. Lasse is a trained psychologist from the University of Uppsala. Lasse co-authored the books “Manöverbarhet/Maneuverability” (2000) and “Integral Management” (2006) together with Mats Eriksson. Lasse is one of the founders of Integ Partner.

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Lotta Ranefall

+46 727 236346

Lotta has several years of experience from consulting, specialist, and management roles within HR in both the private and non-profit sectors. She is specialized in Total Rewards and Performance Management and brings a passion for integral management, which she got introduced to during her time at Munters. Lotta coached and trained leaders and co-workers as part of the organization’s global cultural transformation and sustainable inclusion programs. Lotta joined IntegPartner in 2021.

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Martin Tiberg

+46 72 539 8030

Martin is a passionate entrepreneur, change driver and chaos pilot. He excels under chaotic circumstances when companies launch new initiatives, experience explosive growth, or need a quick turn-around. With three engineering degrees from MIT and KTH, he has a solid technical knowledge. As a global technology leader at Ericsson and ABB, and as the founder of three high-tech ventures, he has shouldered key responsibilities in business development, product management, R&D and Sales, which he consistently has translated into a strong, measurable impact on revenue, market penetration and product/service innovation. He has won several innovation awards and is the inventor of 7 patents. Martin loves developing, driving, and growing products, projects, business models, markets, people, culture, teams, and companies.

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Johan Amborg

+46 70 6232467

Johan has more than 30 years of experience from different management roles in Swedish industry. He was in the 90's involved in starting up the operational development process in Volvo Cars and AB Volvo. Johan was globally responsible for putting in place an operational development process within Volvo Buses. The aim was to involve and engage 6000 employees to make the overall strategies happen on the ground. Johan’s experience from working with Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, their suppliers and dealers, from many different parts of the world, has given him a good understanding of how to work in different cultures. Since 2013 he has worked with the construction industry through the Swedish Transport Administration and their various hired consultants and contractors. The focus has been on the development of the operation, leadership, team and collaboration between different parties in a variety of projects. From small road or railway projects to huge infrastructure projects.

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Oskar Afzelius

+46 707 538653

Oskar is experienced in Human resources management and has been working widely with co-worker and leader issues in 15 years in both public and private sector. During his time in the Volvo Group he got introduced to the integrating way of leading and got experience as an internal consultant working with coaching and training leaders in the integral way. In his different roles as HR-business partner and internal consultant Oskar has supported many change initiatives in different industries and in different part of the world.

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Helena Söderström

+ 46 705320081

Helena has over 20 years of experience from the global industrial companies where she has had several senior management positions in international sales, marketing and product management. In ABB, Helena also worked as an internal management consultant supporting different management teams with strategy- and business development and with developing the product management function within several divisions globally. The most recent position was as VP of Marketing and Product Lines at globally at Seco tools. Throughout her career and the different management positions, strategy development and implementation has been in focus and a key success factor to deliver this has been to create an open and trustful communication and collaboration within the team. The methodology from IntegPartner, which secures a good dialogue and a true engagement within each individual and group, has been an important part of the managerial toolbox during 20 years of driving sustainable change. Helena has a Master of International Business Administration from Lund University and a Certificate in Management from Henley Management College.

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Kristian Thersthol

+46 70 5100088

Kristian holds a Bachelor of Business administration and a Bachelor of Science in Politics and Economics from University of Gothenburg. He brings over 15 years of experience from the IT and Telecom sector in the Nordic region. He has held several different positions ranging from sales management to product management as well as several higher managerial roles. Kristian is a founding partner at Straleda and brings 15 years of experience in management and leadership consulting. With an executive and business background, Kristian works with strategy execution and development of leadership and management teams. Everything with full business focus in order to help the client to reach their strategic goals. Kristian joined Integ Partner in 2020.

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Bettina Warnecke

+49 15222931958

Bettina holds a Master in Economics / Management from the International School of Management in Dortmund, Germany. She has worked for more than 15 years in various management positions in medium to big sized corporations in Germany and Switzerland. Bettina held various leadership roles in Marketing / International Sales and General Management. Her industry focus is on consumer goods specifically retail, mailorder and e-commerce. She has worked for big international groups like Quelle AG and Compass Group in Germany and medium sized companies like Betty Bossi AG and Swiss Online Shopping AG in Switzerland. Bettina has managed turn-arounds, restructuring projects and has developed successfully new products/services/online plattforms from scratch. Bettina is passionate about empowering employees to reach their full potential. She joined Integ Partner in 2018.

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